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Contingent Workforce Solutions

Shivark Solutions is a software consulting and interim staffing company in the US and India. We help enterprises, corporations, and startups with contingent workforce solutions in technical and marketing roles.

Staff Augmentation is becoming an increasingly popular recruitment model in the industry, as it bridges the talent gap for the short term projects in addition to your existing staff. It helps you hire the right talent with minimal efforts, resulting in not only cost and time savings but also giving you additional flexibility and complete control on your projects.

Cost Effective Competitive Edge

Access To A Larger Talent Pool

Operational Effeciency

Access To New & Contemporary Opinions


Sustained control & Management

Hire On The Go

Expansion and adaption

Our Services

We help companies with interim staffing solutions on both technical as well as non-technical (marketing) roles.

Technical Staffing

Engineering Teams

Cloud Computing

Product Design

QA & Testing

Product Development

Digital Transformation

Non-Technical Staffing

Product Marketing

Product Development/ NPI

Partner Marketing

Market Research

Program Management

Competition Research

Technology Focus

We focus on leading cloud technologies and platforms in the industry.

Mobile Application Development

Enterprise Web Applications

Staffing Models

Our Talent Assessment Framework

We strive to recruit and retain the best talent for our clients. Our talent assessment framework includes a 360-degree review of the candidates to ensure the right fit for the organization from varied aspects.

Shivark Solutions follows the process framework to identify, qualify, recruit, and retain the talent for both technical and marketing positions as the contingent workforce.

Our team works closely with clients to understand the job requirements, and skills needed to perform the role successfully. Our screening criteria include 360-degree assessment of the candidates covering skills and abilities for the job function, strong communication and interpersonal skills, knowledge, cultural fit, motivational drives, learning ability, and behavioral competencies, to provide the right fit for the organization.

We leverage various sources to identify the talent, which includes, but not limited to, job boards, social and professional mediums, referrals, and internal database, etc. Once the candidates are screened by our team of technical recruiters, the shortlisted candidates go through an interview process with our team of technical and marketing experts. We evaluate the candidates not only for their functional and job-related skills but also pay strong emphasis on their communication and interpersonal skills.

The candidates who are selected from our internal evaluation and prepped for client interviews by providing valuable inputs that are crucial for a successful interview with the client.

Once a candidate is selected by our client, we take over to ensure a smooth onboarding process. We ensure that all client documents, federal and state required documents are completed with ease and on time. We also adhere to client policies and protocols and provide an orientation to the candidates including

  • Dress Code
  • Shift Hours
  • Reporting Details
  • Timesheet Reporting Instructions
  • Travel Expense Handling Instructions
We keep an open line of communication with our employees to ensure all questions and/ or concerns are addressed seamlessly. We believe in demonstrating an organization's culture that treats both our clients and employees with the greatest level of respect, as they are our lifeline to the sustainability and growth of our organization.